Malay Tea House - Malaysia's First Malay Tea House, promoting Malay Tea Drinking Culture And Premium Herbal Based products


Malay Tea House is a Health Cafe & Restaurant, with the premium Herbal Green Teas as the main attraction to the visitor to experience Tea Drinking Culture and experience the Malay tradition and food culture. With long many varieties of herbal Green teas, we have 17 types for all kind of taste, aroma and health benefits.Beside teas, Virgin coconut based product is available for all coconut lover, you will not miss this. Coconut Soap, massage Oil, Supplement, aromatherapy etc. You can order your health hamper for your special event and occasion. You can order online or just what Apps us at any time.



Phone: +6017-3263715


by Reservation Only.

Please call us in advance.

Thank you.

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Malay Tea House Event


Book your special lunch treat, group visit, and enjoy healthy food, good old song.