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Discover Herbal Green Tea, Natural & Organic Health product, Premium Herbal based and traditional & health  food in an ambiance's of the Malay Culture and Traditions. 



Phone: +6017-3263715
Email: mymalayteahouse@gmail.com

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Our future sustainable Farm

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Premium  Herbal  Teas & Wellness Product |  Heritage Tour 










Tea & Herbal Tourism  

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The Malay Tea House, Premium Herbal tea outlet promoting Malay Tea Drinking Culture & Health benefits. The old woody setting, peaceful and serene ambiance

Family Farm & Community Farming 
Lot.208 Behrang, Perak

We grow and produce farm-fresh organic crops, herbs, and functional plants.

We also supply culinary herb, edible plant, authentic Malay paste, and Malay Ethnic food.

The Three Brothers Green Farm, located  30 km from Kuala Lumpur.

It’s a place to rekindle relationships and back to farming.

A place to share, grow and nurture, amidst the cyclic miracles of nature.
We believe that inner health is important and all started from the farm.

 “It’s all about quality produce, ensuring we have healthy and happy plants, preserving the environment and giving our customers what they truly deserve.” “We believe in a simple approach to herbal farming and create sustainable and manageable farm..



Discover Herbal Green Tea, Natural & Organic Health product.