Wild Kelulut honey ( Madu Kelulut Asli )


Stingless Bees (Kelulut Trigona) is stingless bees that are smaller than Apis Dorsata bees that are able to collect flower nectar from the deepest spaces of the blossom. These bees are usually found throughout the northern area of the rainforests of Malaysia. Wild stingless bees usually nest in tree trunks.

Stingless bees honey is said to to have a range of nutrients with higher nutritional values compared to honey bees and they are able to store honey in small pots covered in propolis.

Propolis is produced by bees through saliva mixed with its food such as pollen, bark, shoots of trees, and flowers. Propolis by itself has anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. Stingless bees produce honey and propolis high in nutrients such as antioxidants and rich in natural antibiotics.

How does it appear and taste like? It’s appearance is actually not golden yellow or clear, in fact is looks a little dark in color and the taste is both a bit sourish and sweet. Click to order one today!...limited stock.

Kelulut Honey ( Kelulut Madu Asli )


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